Protective Foam for Hard Case

These are polyurethane foam is soft spongy suitable for shock protection of your items inside the case. There are 3 types available.

  • Normal foam
  • Pre-cut cube foam
  • Wavy surface-shaped foam
Buy protection foam (wavy egg, pre-cut)

Standard-size wavy foam, pre-cut foam cube or normal flat foam are available here.

Protection foam types

Note: If your item is very heavy in weight, this foam may be too soft. You will need a higher-density foam (for example: EVA foam, or polyethylene foam) to support heavy weight.

Pick & Pluck Cubed Foam

Also known as a pre-cut foam cube.

For custom pre-cut foam sheets or DIY pluckable cubed foam, you can contact us.

Pre-cut foam cube. DIY your foam.
Pick & Pluck to the shape you need.

Foam Thickness to choose from

  • 15mm
  • 20mm
  • 30mm
  • 40mm
  • 50mm
  • 60mm
  • 80mm
  • 100mm
  • custom thickness

Standard Foam Size Available

  • 500 x 500 mm
  • 1000 x 1000 mm
  • 2000 x 1000 mm

Please check out the price of the standard size pre-cut foam from the table below.

Custom Size

Additional $50 for custom-size pre-cut foam.

Bulk discount price is available. Contact us for a quotation.

Product IDSize (mm) x Thickness (mm)Price
PF20-300200300 x 200 x 20 mmS$18
PF20-500500500 x 500 x 20mmS$23
PF30-300200300 x 200 x 30mmS$21
PF30-500500500 x 500 x 30mmS$29
PF40-240240240 x 240 x 40mmS$22
PF40-350250350 x 250 x 40mmS$22
PF40-350350350 x 350 x 40mmS$24
PF40-500500500 x 500 x 40mmS$35
PF45-350225350 x 225 x 45mmS$22
PF50-350270350 x 270 x 50mmS$23
PF50-440340440 x 340 x 50mmS$29
PF50-530330530 x 330 x 50mmS$33
PF50-500500500 x 500 x 50mmS$44
PF60-435315435 x 315 x 60mmS$31
PF60-500500500 x 500 x 60mmS$46
PF70-500500500 x 500 x 70mmS$51
PF75-430290430 x 290 x 75mmS$34
PF80-410250410 x 250 x 80mmS$32
PF80-440340440 x 340 x 80mmS$41
PF80-465340465 x 340 x 80mmS$43
PF80-500500500 x 500 x 80mmS$62
PF90-500500500 x 500 x 90mmS$72
PF100-500500500 x 500 x 100mmS$75

Wavy foam

These are egg shape wavy foam for cushion protection of your dedicated equipment.

For a custom wavy egg-shaped foam sheet, you can contact us.

Size (mm) x Thickness (mm)Price
EF-1-15500 x 500 x 15mmS$25 for 2 pieces
EF-1-20500 x 500 x 20mmS$26 for 2 pieces
EF-1-30500 x 500 x 30mmS$31 for 2 pieces
EF-1-40500 x 500 x 40mmS$36 for 2 pieces
EF-1-50500 x 500 x 50mmS$44 for 2 pieces
EF-2-151000 x 500 x 15mmS$35 for 2 pieces
EF-2-201000 x 500 x 20mmS$38 for 2 pieces
EF-2-301000 x 500 x 30mmS$58 for 2 pieces
EF-2-401000 x 500 x 40mmS$63 for 2 pieces
EF-2-501000 x 500 x 50mmS$78 for 2 pieces
EF-2-601000 x 500 x 60mmS$88 for 2 pieces

Custom Size

Additional $30 for custom-size wavy foam.

Custom Cutout for Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam

Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam

Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam (CCPE) inserts revolutionize packaging with their unmatched protection, customization, and sustainability. Engineered with a closed-cell structure, they provide unparalleled resilience to impact, moisture, and chemicals, ensuring products arrive intact. Precision-tailored to product dimensions, CCPE inserts optimize space and enhance presentation across diverse industries.

Pretty solid foam. Unlike the EVA foam, it is less rubber like and more solid feel.

Custom Cutout for EVA Foam Insert

Custom cutout foam keeps your item neat and tidy on your hard case. Cost-effective for high-volume production.

Need a custom-fitting foam insert for storing odd-shaped items.
Send us a photo of your items and layout, and we will guide you with a few simple steps to have your foam made.

One-time engineering fee starts from $300 onwards. Foam per piece starts from $30-50 onwards depending on the size and quantity.

Contact us for the actual price.

Custom EVA foam cutout (blue/black color)
EVA foam cutout (for wine bottle & glass)
EVA foam cutout (red/white color)
Custom EVA foam cutout
EVA cutout protection for hardcase box

Material available for custom foam cut-out

  • PU Sponge
  • EPE
  • EVA
  • PE Foam

Click here to check out and compare other types of packaging material.


Custom Padded Velcro Divider Foam

Custom Panel Insert Divider Foam


  • Locks for hard case
  • Sling Strap for hard case