ROAM Case (Alternative)

Looking for ROAM Cases for outdoor rugged case for your storage in Singapore?
We have a list of affordable ROAM case alternative (also known as Rotomolded case) with many sizes to choose from.

Crafted to surpass military standards, these cases are roto-molded for strength, airtight, waterproof, and equipped with stainless steel latches and hinges for durability in challenging shipping conditions.

ROAM case alternative.
ROAM case mounted on a Jeep vehicle.
ROAM case on a truck for storage.
ROAM case on a truck vehicle.

List of case sizes to choose

Note: These roam alternative cases do not come with any protective sponge or foam inside.

PriceInternal Space Dimension
(L x W x D mm)
Outer Size Dimension
(L x W x D mm)
RC-50L$390485 x 320 x 245 mm620 x 370 x 345 mm6.8 kg
RC-53L$390530 x 260 x 290 mm620 x 360 x 345 mm6.2 kg
RC-70L$450500 x 395 x 250 mm690 x 435 x 345 mm8.4 kg
RC-76L$470590 x 340 x 295 mm680 x 440 x 355 mm8 kg
RC-80L (wheels and handle)$680565 x 365 x 295 mm685 x 480 x 380mm9.9 kg
RC-82L (hinge on the short width)$490585 x 355 x 310 mm695 x 445 x 375 mm8.3 kg
RC-90L$495570 x 320 x 370 mm705 x 445 x 405 mm9.8 kg
RC-105L (hinge on the short width)$630675 x 325 x 280 mm845 x 490 x 395 mm9.4 kg
RC-140L (with wheels)750 x 420 x 360 mm840 x 515 x 425 mm??kg
RC-150L$530725 x 395 x 395 mm860 x 535 x 445 mm13 kg
RC-162L (with wheels)$550710 x 450 x 380 mm885 x 550 x 440 mm12.85 kg
RC-220L (with wheels)$590895 x 470 x 365 mm1050 x 610 x 495 mm17.2 kg
RC-240L (with wheels)$630935 x 505 x 430 mm1050 x 600 x 485 mm17.2 kg
Long Case models
RC-66L (long case)$590680 x 360 x 205 mm790 x 475 x 280 mm10.7 kg
RC-83L (long case)$6501195 x 385 x 100 mm1300 x 500 x 200 mm12 kg
RC-95L (long case)$6901035 x 310 x 180 mm1215 x 480 x 285 mm11 kg
RC-102L (long case)$7101175 x 370 x 185 mm1280 x 480 x 245 mm9.4 kg
RC-122L (long case, with wheels)$7501110 x 380 x 235 mm1220 x 480 x 290 mm12.9 kg
RC-128L (long case, with wheels)$7901215 x 360 x 230 mm1335 x 475 x 300 mm13.2 kg
List of alternative roam cases available.

Available Color

Black, Military Green, Khaki Color

ROAM case color to choose from.
RC-50L (small case)
RC-83L (Long Case)
RC-95L (Long Case)
RC-220L (with wheels)

ROAM case features

Case Hinge (from inside)
Case Hinge (from outside)
Case cover rubber seal (waterproof box)
Drainage outlet
Case wheel
Case wheel
Case handle
Holes available for security padlock

Can’t find an alternative roam case?

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