Custom Panel Hard Case Series

Mount holes for control/connector
panel on the hard case

These custom panel hard case series are designed to house electronic and control panels. Allows you to house your system in a rugged waterproof hard case box which you can bring out for outdoor field use.

Panel mount holes position


  • Portable demonstration case for the electrical system.
  • User interface control panel.
  • Wireless portable control system (battery operated).
  • Design your own hand-carry instrument or equipment for onsite measurement or testing.

Note: Please note that these CP series hard cases do not contain any sponge foam inside. Sponge foam can be ordered separately if needed.

Custom Panel Hard Case Sizes

The hard case is available in various sizes for your electronic system. Check out the sizes available below.

Custom panel hard cases

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Product ID
(click ID for panel drawing)
Internal Space Dimension
(L x W x D mm)
Outer Size Dimension
(L x W x D mm)
CP01310 x 210 x 110 (30+80)340 x 270 x 1301.3Kg
CP02310 x 210 x 152 (30+122)340 x 270 x 1651.6Kg
CP03350 x 250 x 120 (30+90)380 x 310 x 1401.8Kg
CP04350 x 250 x 160 (30+130)380 x 310 x 1752.0Kg
CP05395 x 300 x 160 (30+130)425 x 355 x 1852.7Kg
CP06445 x 315 x 180 (35+145)480 x 390 x 2003.1Kg
CP15 (with wheels+handle)770 x 500 x 285 (60+225)840 x 570 x 325
Custom Panel Hard Case Sizes

Case Panel Dimension

These are the panel dimensions of the CP series hard case which you can use to customise your own panel.

Follow the dimension and the panel mounting hole’s position so that it can nicely fit to the respective hard case that you have selected.


CP01 CP02 panel dimension


CP03 CP04 panel dimension


CP05 panel dimension


CP06 panel dimension

Case Panel Support Dimension

Side groove support for the panel.
Product IDHW

More Features

Secure Lock Latch

Lock latch to secure the box.

There are also holes that allow you to use your own padlock to lock up the box case. This prevents people from opening up the box.

Waterproofing Seal

Seal prevent water/splash from seeping into the box.

Pressure Release Valve

Allow inside/outside air to equalize when traveling in different latitudes.

Custom panel fabrication.

Resources for standard panel cutout for Pelican cases.

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Customisation for Panel Case

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