Hard Shell Protective Soft Cases

EVA Hard Shell Carrying Protective Soft Cases (also known as Fabric Hard Case) are lightweight, easy to carry, and storage cases. Providing some soft light protection to your items.

Hard shell cases have fabric-like surfaces (or PVC for other brands) that come with a zip and are semi-hard compared to those hard cases. They can protect against soft light knocks.

SC-01 SC-02 SC-03 simple zipped soft case

The soft cases come with their pick-&-pluck foam cube.

SC-11 zipped soft protective case
SC-12 zipped soft protective case

Hard Shell case sizes

Our soft cases come in various sizes from small to large size storage. All soft cases come with DIY foam cube cushion protection inside.

Search for your suitable soft case below.

SC-13 soft protective case
SC-14 soft protective case
SC-15 soft protective case
SC-16 soft protective case
SC-17 soft protective case
SC-18 soft protective case
SC-19 soft protective case
SC-20 soft protective case
SC-21 soft protective case
SC-22 soft protective case
SC-23 soft protective case
SC-24 soft protective case
SC-40 soft protective case 630 x 630 x 280 mm
SC-40 inside wavy foam (no DIY foam cube)
High-quality zipped case

Hard Shell case sizes

Internal Space Dimension
(L x W x D mm)
Outer Size Dimension
(L x W x D mm)
SC-01160 x 120 x 55mm170 x 130 x 60mm (0.13kg)
SC-02210 x 150 x 55mm220 x 160 x 60mm (0.23kg)
SC-03310 x 210 x 55mm320 x 220 x 60mm (0.37kg)
SC-11147 x 105 x 55mm157 x 115 x 65mm (0.12kg)
SC-12195 x 155 x 55mm205 x 165 x 65mm (0.19kg)
SC-13296 x 193 x 55mm306 x 203 x 65mm (0.33kg)
SC-14200 x 155 x 85mm210 x 165 x 95mm (0.36kg)
SC-15250 x 180 x 90mm260 x 190 x 100mm (0.53kg) with carrying handle
SC-16300 x 215 x 110mm (25+85)260 x 190 x 100mm (0.53kg) with a carrying handle, divider board, comes with strap
SC-17315 x 285 x 110mm (25+85)330 x 300 x 120mm (kg) with a carrying handle, divider board
SC-18390 x 310 x 130mm (35+95)420 x 340 x 150mm (kg) with a carrying handle, divider board
SC-19330 x 250 x 65mm345 x 265 x 75mm (kg) with a carrying handle
SC-20385 x 285 x 65mm405 x 295 x 75mm (kg) with a carrying handle
SC-21460 x 420 x 130mm (35+95)480 x 440 x 150mm (2.4kg)
SC-22400 x 260 x 180mm (80+100)410 x 270 x 210mm (1.2kg)
SC-23350 x 290 x 140mm (25+115)370 x 310 x 150mm (kg)
SC-24280 x 200 x 150mm (65+85)293 x 215 x 160mm (kg)
SC-40620 x 610 x 260mm630 x 630 x 280mm (4.8kg) with wheels and handle, no DIY tearable foam cube.

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