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Pelican case alternative in Singapore.

Note: Please check the proposed alternative Pelican protective case size and model which is suitable for your usage.

Pelican case selections
Pelican case 1510 (with wheels)

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Pelican Case size selection table for alternative hardcase brands.

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Pelican Case Dimension Drawing & CAD files

For those who need the precise size and drawing of the Pelican case, you can click here to the official Pelican website for this information.

Click here for Pelican case *.pdf and CAD drawing.

Popular Pelican Case in Singapore

  • Pelican Air Case 1535
  • Pelican Air Case 1510
  • Pelican Case 1610
  • Pelican Air Case 1615
  • Pelican Case 1660
  • Pelican Case 1730
  • Pelican Case 730
  • Pelican Case 1500
  • Pelican Case 1700
  • Pelican Case iM2700

If you are looking to buy Pelican branded cases in Singapore, do check out the local suppliers selling Pelican cases in Singapore.
If you can looking for cheaper alternative to Pelican case, you can search the pelican case selection table above
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