Wheels & Handle hard cases

Hard case with wheels. These wheeled trolley hard cases are generally bigger size boxed hard case that are fitted with wheels. Transport your sensitive and heavy equipment with ease.

Most wheel hard cases are also fitted with an extendable handlebar for pulling your hard case.

For those who want a wheel hard case that you can bring onboard a commercial plane flight, do check out this cases which are marked as “carry-on-board”. Not all cases are suitable onboard the plane cabinet. Do check out with your own airline for the luggage size that is allowed to board the plane.

Wheel hard cases sizes

Choose from our list of wheel hard cases here.

Wheel Hard Cases Sizes Selection Table

Internal Space Dimension
(L x W x D mm)
Outer Size Dimension
(L x W x D mm)
HT-40 430 x 190 x 400 mm500 x 310 x 460 mm (7.25kg)
HC-43 500 x 280 x 190 mm (45+145)560 x 360 x 230 mm (6.5kg)
HT-47 515 x 390 x 225 mm560 x 455 x 265 mm (8.5kg)
HT-48 540 x 415 x 200 mm620 x 495 x 220 mm (8.8kg)
HT-49 560 x 435 x 275 mm630 x 495 x 305 mm (11kg)
HT-50 570 x 440 x 360 mm635 x 505 x 400 mm
HT-52 620 x 535 x 350 mm (300+50)695 x 595 x 400 mm (11.5kg)
HT-56 655 x 520 x 440 mm (90+350)740 x 590 x 480 mm
HT-58 720 x 520 x 330 mm790 x 595 x 365 mm
HC-60 885 x 665 x 235 mm960 x 730 x 265 mm
HT-65 1100 x 1000 x 410 mm (150+260)1155 x 1085 x 440 mm (19kg)
Wheel Hard cases sizes selection table

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