NOOYAH BK012 Bike Travel Bag

Travel bike bag. Available in Singapore.

NOOYAH BK012 Bike Travel Bags are suitable for bicycles with wheel sizes 26″, 27.5″, up to 29″ (up to 74cm) in diameter.

Solid base bike luggage bag comes with 2 wheels on the base for you to pull along with ease.

Easy portable travel. Pull handle and wheels

Bring your bicycle to overseas with ease. Your bicycle has to be dismantle and the parts to be secured to the various compartment in the bag.

When not travelling overseas, you can park your bike out, and simply fold down this canvas bag and put it to your storage at home. This tough canvas bike bag has a much smaller footprint when folded down. This takes up less space in your storage.

Firm support around the edge of the bag.

BK012 bike travel bag dimension

Bike Bag Dimension

Bike Travel Bag’s dimension is about 128 x 80 x 25cm, and weights about 9kg

Fold-down compacted size is about 128 x 25 x 25cm

Packed carton box size is about 135 x 37 x 31cm (Gross weight 11kg)

BK012 Accessories Parts

  1. 4x Glass fiber rod (protecting the sides and firm up the bag)
  2. 1x Bike frame support pad to hold the frame so that the chain plate and the rear derailleur will not directly touch the bottom. The support pad is adjustable.
  3. 1x Chain cover
  4. 2x Bike fork (front and back) support plastic rods
  5. 4x Hard plastic rods
  6. 2x PE board
  7. 1x Bottom bracket
  8. User manual

Multiple pocket compartments for storage.
Main bike compartment holds the bike frame, seat, handle bar, and other bulky personal items that you have.

Firm PE board on the sides to build up the bagging structure.

Fits Most Bike

Fit most bicycle series including ROAD, XC, AM, DH, FR.
Wheel compartment fits 26″, 27.5″, up to 29″ (up to 74cm) in diameter.

8 Carrying Handles

Handles around the bag can be easily reach for lifting.

Fibre Rods

4 fibre rods support for the bike bag.

Wheel Storage Compartment

Private wheels storage compartment for individual wheels.

Allow big wheel size of up to 29″ (about 74cm)

Wheels and Pull Handle

  1. Pull handle
  2. Solid base support (bottom of the bag)
  3. Wheels to support the weight as you pull along.

Protection for your bicycle around the bag.

Secure and protect your bike frame.

Secure reinforced fork mounting for your bike fork handle bar.

Secure reinforced fork mounting for your bike frame.

Easy Storage

Fold down compact for easier storage when not in use. Use up lesser space. Backet belt around the bag to keep the bag firm and solid for your storage.

The fold down size is about 128 x 25 x 25cm.

Bike loaded onto the travel bag

The photo shows an example of a bike loaded and secured to the bag storage internally.

Example of another bike secured inside the bag.

This bike travel bag comes with two color theme to choose from.

  • BK012-A (Black/Grey)
  • BK012-B (Red/Black)
Side View (BK012a)
Front/Back View (BK012a)
Side View (BK012b)
Front/Back View (BK012b)

Many compartments available for your accessories.

Quality rugged zip.

Lockable, smooth and durable tough zip.

Tough canvas handles on bags.

The handles of bag surfaces are built using thick tough canvas materials.

Supporting rod.

Light weight supporting rods to firm up the bag.

Tools storage.

Firm pull handle grip.

Smooth roller wheels.

Solid travel bag base.

Secure bike seat

Gear chain cover

Secure bike frame

support rod for the front fork on the bike
support rod for the back fork on the bike

Support rod for bike wheel fork

Support rod for the bike fork ensures that the fork frame stays in shape from external impact and weight pressure on your bike.

bike fork supporting rod

The black rod supports the front fork of your bike.

The white rod supports the back fork of your bike.

Video Demonstration

BK012 setup demonstration video

BK012 Bike Bag Packing Instructions (User Manual pdf)

The following is a simple instruction guide to your bike preparation, bike travel bag assembly and installation user manual guide.

Bike Bag Packing Instructions user manual (click to enlarge)

Packaging Carton Size

Packed carton box size is about 135 x 37 x 31cm (Gross weight 11kg)

Tips: Checking in Bike Travel Bag on flight

These are some safety reminder before you check-in your bicycle luggage onboard the plane.

Tires has to be deflated. This is before the air pressure at a higher attitude is low. When expose to the atmosphere, the tire may blast.

Any batteries have to be remove from the check-in luggage. Batteries that may be inside your bicycle torch light, signalling/brake light, and any other electronic devices.

Failure to do so may cause you some delay, as the security may check and you may get called back to rectify these safety measures.

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