NOOYAH Bike Travel Bag

Travel bag for a bicycle.
Travel oversea with a protective luggage bag for your bicycle.

NOOYAH Bike Bags

Available in Singapore

BK015 Bike Travel Bag (NEW Model)

Bicycle traveling bag.
Comes with 6 wheels (spinner luggage) for bicycles.
The bike handle can be packed inside the bag without disassembly.
Mounting base to secure bicycle upright.

Light weight at 9.5kg

Price: SGD$580

BK015 Bike Travel Bag

BK012 Bike Travel Bag (Most Popular Model)

Bicycle traveling bag with wheels+handles. Suitable for bicycle wheel size of 26″, 27.5″ up to 29″ (up to 74cm) in diameter.

Price: SGD$295


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BK012 Bike Travel Bag

BK011 Bike Carry Bag

Price: SGD$120


  • BK011a (plain)
  • BK011b (trendy)
  • BK011c (sporty)

For 26″ to 29″ bike. 180L capacity.

BK011 Bike Carry Bag

BK008 Bike Carry Bag (wheels)

Price: SGD$198


  1. BK008 (black)

200L capacity.

BK008 Bike Carry Bag

BK007S Bike Carry Bag (wheels)

Price: SGD$450


  1. BK007S-A (Green/black)
  2. BK007S-B (Black/grey)
  3. BK007S-C (Grey/black)

BK007S Bike Travel Bag

BK002 Bike Travel Case (wheels)

Bike travel case.

Price: SGD$350


  • BK002-a (plain)
  • BK002-b (trendy)
  • BK002*c (sporty)

230L capacity. EVA material.

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XXF soft case 20″

Travel Case for Brompton Bicycle.
Suitable for 16 inch foldable bicycle.

Price: SGD$280

Model: E1919

  • EVA + Wavy Foam
  • Black colour
  • 5.4 Kg

PR002 Bike Tire Bag

Price: SGD$98


  • PR002

Rhinowalk bag

Carrying bag for a bicycle. Lightweight, small and compact bag.

Model RM262 (weights only 350g, 26L, for up to 27.5″ bike) SGD$65

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