HC-43 Wheel Hard Case

HC-43 hard case with wheels

Flight cabin size hard case with wheels and handle. Suitable for travellers transporting dedicated equipment on board a plane flight.

Special Feature

HC-43 hard case with wheels
wheel hard case camera equipment storage example
HC-43 hard case

Hard Case Specification

Product ID:HC-43
Internal Space:500 x 280 x 190 mm (45+145)
External Size:560 x 360 x 230 mm
Foam Layers:wave foam 40mm, DIY foam 63mm, DIY foam 63mm, base foam 10mm
Padlock Hole:Ø8.3mm, 16mm thick (weight), 6mm gap (width)
Weight:6.5 kg
Special Features:Wheels and Handle hard case
HC-43 foam protection layers
HC-43 open up sponge foam inside
HC-43 hard case inside
HC-43 hard case (front)
HC-43 hard case (back)
HC-43 pull handle (front)
HC-43 hard case hand carry (front)
HC-43 hard case hand carry (back)
HC-43 pull handle (back)

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