HT-50 Wheel Hard Case

HT-50 hard case with wheel and retractable pull handle.

Solid and tough hard case with protective foam inside.

Special Feature

  • Tough solid
  • Protective hard case with wheels
  • Retractable pull handle
  • Holes for padlock.
  • Pressure plug.
HT-50 hard case
HT-50 DIY foam cube inside
HT-50 multi-layer pre-cut cube foam

Hard Case Specification

Product ID:HT-50
Internal Space:570 x 440 x 360 mm
External Size:635 x 505 x 400 mm
Foam Layers:wave foam 50mm, DIY foam 100mm, DIY foam 100mm, DIY foam 90mm, base foam 10mm
Tear Grid Size??mm square
Weight:12.2 kg
Special Features:– Wheels with a retractable pull handle.
– case holes for padlock.
– atmosphere pressure plug.
HT-50 inside view when empty
HT-50 case heavy duty wheels

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