Affordable Pelican Style Case

Here at, we offer wide range of affordable Pelican-like hard case.

Waterproof and rugged box case.

Cheap and affordable Pelican Style cases.

The price is cheaper than what Pelican case is offering. An inexpensive alternative choice to the Pelican case brand.

We have models that come with wheels for storage and transportation of bulky equipment.

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Cheap Economical Hard Case

For those who are looking for an even cheaper alternative, we have the HB case series. These are our economical series of hard cases. Protection is slightly weaker because they have a thinner shell case. But they are much lighter in weight.

Cheap economical case series
Economical hard case comes with protective pre-cut foam cube inside

These low-cost hard case series come with pre-cut cube foam and standard foam layers inside. Waterproof, and comes with security holes to secure your case with a padlock.

For those who don’t need a robust protection Pelican style of case, you can consider our economical HB case series. They are the cheapest. Suitable for people who have a very tight budget.

Budget Offer

We offer a wide range of low-cost hard cases for applications that do not require a very robust and rugged case.

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