HC-30 Hard Case

HC-30 Hand carry case (Deep)

Big and deep hard case for equipment storage and protection during transportation.

Special Feature

  • Deep bottom and upper lid
  • Tough solid
  • Hand carry
HC-30 Hand carry case (Deep)
HC-30 protective DIY pre-cut foam (4 layers)
HC-30 case (with 4 latches)

Hard Case Specification

Product ID:HC-30
Internal Space:545 x 345 x 285 mm (105+180)
External Size:611 x 431 x 311 mm
Foam Layers:wave foam 50mm, DIY foam 50mm, DIY foam 60mm, DIY foam 60mm, DIY foam 60mm, base foam 10mm
Weight:7 kg
Special Features:Hand carry
HC-30 deep case protection storage
HC-30 with 6 layers foam

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