evoc Bike Travel Bag XL

The EVOC Bike Travel Bag XL is designed for transporting larger bikes, such as plus-sized and fat bikes, but it also accommodates various other types, including road, triathlon, and mountain bikes. Here are the key features and considerations:

evoc Bike Travel Bag XL
separate wheel compartment
secured bike frame
empty bike travel bag
folded bike bag
Carton packaging size: 139 x 38 x 23cm (weight 11kg)

Key Features

Here are some key features.

Capacity and Compatibility

This bag is designed to fit bikes with a wheelbase up to 125 cm with the handlebar and fork protection block, and up to 130 cm without it. It’s ideal for plus and fat bikes but works well for other bike types too​ (EVOC Sports US)​​ (Bikerumor)​.

Durable Construction

The bag features a robust construction with reinforced fork mounts and separate wheel compartments. It offers excellent protection for the bike’s frame and components during transit​ (EVOC Sports US)​.

Ease of Use

The bag includes variable frame fixation equipment (VAFFE), which allows secure fastening of different bicycle types and sizes. This makes it easier to pack and unpack your bike, minimizing the need for extensive disassembly​ (EVOC Sports US)​.
Portability: It weighs around 9.6 kg (21.2 lbs), making it relatively lightweight compared to similar-sized bike travel bags. It also collapses down to a smaller size for convenient storage when not in use​ (Bikerumor)​.

Travel Convenience

The bag is designed to fit within most airlines’ oversized luggage allowances, which helps avoid additional fees. However, it’s always recommended to check specific airline regulations before traveling​ (Bikerumor)​.


Size and Weight

While the bag is designed to fit within airline luggage allowances, it is important to note that the combined weight of the bag and bike can approach or exceed typical airline weight limits, potentially leading to extra fees​ (Bikerumor)​.

Bike Preparation

Some users have mentioned that removing certain components, such as rotors, might be necessary to ensure they don’t get damaged during transit. This can add a bit of extra preparation time before travel​ (Bikerumor)​.


The EVOC Bike Travel Bag XL is priced around USD$600, which positions it as a premium option in the market. The cost is justified by its robust protection and convenience features​ (EVOC Sports US)​​ (Bikerumor)​.

Product Introduction

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Product Review

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Bike Bag Details

  • Measures: 42 x 134 x 84 cm
  • Weight: 9600 g (19 lbs)
  • Colour: Olive or Black
  • Volume: 320 litres


Overall, the EVOC Bike Travel Bag XL is a reliable and durable option for cyclists who need to transport larger bikes. It combines protection, ease of use, and portability, making it a strong contender for frequent travelers and those with specialized bike sizes.

Your go-to solution for easy and secure bike transport. Lightweight yet robust, this bag is designed to protect your bike no matter where your adventures take you. Ensure your bike is perfectly protected throughout its journey.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Versatile Fit: Perfect for Cross Country, All Mountain, Enduro, Freeride, and Downhill bikes up to 29″, as well as Gravel, Road, and Triathlon bikes.
  • Ultimate Protection: For safe transport of road and triathlon bikes, the BIKE STAND PRO is a must-have.
  • Smooth Mobility: Enjoy smooth rolling with replaceable skate wheels.
  • Durable Construction: Features a molded polycarbonate bike block for added security.
  • Convenient Dimensions

Ready to travel with confidence? The BIKE TRAVEL BAG XL has you covered. Grab yours now and give your bike the protection it deserves on every journey!

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