The EVOC Bike Bag Pro is a high-quality travel solution designed for cyclists who frequently transport their bikes.

evoc Bike Bag Pro
2 back wheel
front wheel support
separate wheel compartment
secured bike frame
detachable front wheel
folded bike bag

Key Features

Here are some key features.

Protection and Durability

The bag combines a hard shell base with a padded upper portion, providing a robust yet flexible protective environment for your bike. The bag includes removable plastic rods and tubes that help maintain its shape and offer additional protection.

Easy Assembly and Use

The Bike Bag Pro comes with a bike stand and axle adapters that accommodate all modern axle standards, making it easy to load and secure your bike. Minimal disassembly of your bike is required, typically just the wheels, pedals, and sometimes the handlebars and derailleur.

Size and Capacity

The bag can handle bikes with a wheelbase up to 1300mm and has a total volume of 310 liters. It is also collapsible for easier storage when not in use.

Travel Convenience

The bag features sturdy rear wheels and an optional front caster wheel for easy maneuverability through airports and other transit points. It also includes internal straps and pockets for secure storage of tools and small parts.


Weight and Size

Weighing around 24 pounds, the bag itself is relatively heavy, which can make it challenging to stay under the weight limits for checked baggage on airlines. Some users recommend packing wheels and other gear separately to avoid extra fees.


The Bike Bag Pro is priced around $800 to $950, which is on the higher end of the spectrum for bike travel cases. This might be a significant investment if you don’t travel frequently with your bike.

Ease of Packing

While the bag is designed for minimal disassembly, it still requires some knowledge and tools to pack your bike correctly. This includes removing wheels and pedals, and sometimes the derailleur and handlebars, depending on the size of your bike.

User Experiences

Users have generally found the EVOC Bike Bag Pro to be a reliable and protective option for traveling with their bikes. It provides excellent protection against damage during transit, and its robust design ensures bikes arrive in good condition. However, some users noted the challenge of avoiding extra airline fees due to the bag’s weight and size​ (Bikerumor)​​ (The Radavist)​​ (Mountain Weekly News)​.

Overall, if you travel frequently with your bike and want a reliable, easy-to-use travel case, the EVOC Bike Bag Pro is a solid choice despite its higher price point.

Product Introduction

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Product Review

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Bike Bag Details

  • Measures: 36 x 147 x 85 cm
  • Weight: 9600 g
  • Colour: Purple-Black or Black
  • Volume: 305 litres


Meet the BIKE TRAVEL BAG PRO – your new best friend for bike travel. This lightweight yet robust bag is the ultimate high-end solution for easy and secure bike transport. No matter what kind of bike you’re taking on your adventure, the BIKE TRAVEL BAG PRO has got you covered with its smart design and the adjustable BIKE STAND PRO, keeping your bike perfectly protected every mile of the journey.

Why You’ll Love It

Fits Almost Any Bike: From Cross Country, All Mountain, Enduro, Freeride, and Downhill bikes up to 29″, to Gravel, Road, and Triathlon bikes – this bag can handle them all.

Maximum Wheelbase: Designed for bikes with a wheelbase up to 130 cm.
Ultimate Protection: External, separate wheel compartments with disc protection mean your wheels are safe and sound.

All-Inclusive: Comes with the BIKE STAND PRO, CLIP ON WHEEL 2.0, and FRAME PAD – everything you need for the journey.

Smooth Ride: Features replaceable skate wheels for effortless, silent rolling.
Travel smart and worry-free with the BIKE TRAVEL BAG PRO. Ready to hit the road? Grab yours now and give your bike the ride it deserves!

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